It is TIME to get your Temple right...
so you can do everything God has called you to do!

I help Christian women aged 35 and wiser lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks...

WITHOUT endless exercising and starving themselves...

using these 3 pillars: 


“'For I will restore health to you
And heal you of your wounds,' says the LORD”

Jeremiah 30:17



With This Specific Fitness Pillar...
Your metabolism kicks into high gear and your hormones become balanced, burning more fat and help you lose weight faster.


Without This Specific Fitness Pillar...
your metabolism slows down as you age. It gets slower as you lose muscle tone. Losing weight will become nearly impossible and you will continue to gain weight.



With This Specific Food Pillar...
Your blood sugar becomes stabilized to help you stop binge eating and packing on belly fat.


Without This Specific Food Pillar...
your blood sugar spikes continually, causing unhealthy sugar/salt cravings, and causes your body to store more and more fat. 



With This Specific Faith Pillar...
The Holy Spirit leads so your monkey mind quiets down, allowing your body to lose weight and to resist temptations.  The Holy Spirit, through your growing faith, gives you the guidance, comfort, and patience you need to make life-long changes.


Without This Specific Faith Pillar...
you continue to carry weight in your mind of guilt, shame, regret, self-condemnation which shows up on your body.

Lynn P.

"At the end of Ondrea's 12- week program I am down 38lbs!

Prior to the program, I was tired and had no energy, eating poorly and not sleeping well. After losing 38 lbs, I feel awesome. Lots of energy and I feel healthy!
I feel like after doing this for 3 months, I can make this a lifestyle change.
The exercises Ondrea provided were short but effective, much better than an hour at the gym. The meal guide was so helpful. Eating every 3 hours makes it easier to control cravings.
Thankfully, faith was part of this. I prayed often to get through rough moments in regards to eating or being hungry. I run my own business, so I was lucky that I have no kids home or a job that would make this harder."
Lois F.

"I am down 20 lbs. and 2 pants sizes after Ondrea's 12-week program!

Before I started working with her I was eating for comfort, either starving or overeating, and I wasn’t taking the time and effort needed to take care of myself emotionally, physically, or spiritually. I was fluctuating by 10-20 lbs at
various times and not consistent with exercise or getting outside. I had knee and back pain when my weight went up.

Now I am 20 lbs. lighter than I havebeen in 10+ years. My knee pain is non-existent. I’m sleeping well, have more energy and am having to buy a new wardrobe.

Being in this program has taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food and how to give myself a higher notch on the priority scale. I understand how I was sabotaging my own life in multiple ways and how to change
those patterns!

In the past I was pushing cardio most of the time and not doing any weight training. I would lose weight as long as I was doing it, but would gain it all back, and then some. Starting with doable workouts and having new ones every week helped me to stick to it and stay interested.

I would overeat late at night. Now I eat earlier, on time, often and don’t have hunger because I am keeping my body fueled.

It made a huge difference in my soul during this program, letting go of the past and understanding how it was affecting my present was so important. I’m still feeling the Holy Spirit working on me and doing more and more house cleaning!"

Julie M.

"I have lost a total of 40 lbs. working with Ondrea!
When I first started working with her in April 2022, I started feeling a difference in my strength and energy levels...I lost 20lbs. I wanted to step things up a notch so I jumped into her 12-week program.

While participating in the program, I had a knee replacement. I could not follow things 100%. I stuck to what I could follow, and guess what? I did not gain any weight during this time.

Actually I lost 20 lbs. during the 12 week period! Very proud of the changes and will continue to include these changes in my life."

Lose 5 lbs. while strengthening your relationship with the Lord.


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