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Let me help you reach your personal health and wellness goals, while improving your emotional and spiritual well-being.

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21 Day Elevate

Learn The Simple And Easy Techniques to Breaking Free From Self Doubt & Low Energy and Experience An ELEVATED LIFE of Clarity And Confidence.

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8 Week Evolution

How To Put An End To “Feeling Stuck,” And Break Free From Every Pesky Recurring Bad Habit That Is Holding Your Body, Business & Life Back From Experiencing TOTAL EVOLUTION!

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12 Week Ascension

Ready to transform into the person you have always wanted to be? Click to apply in the form below and I will be in touch with you to learn more about this advanced coaching program.

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You understand that you are here to do, create, manifest big things and this (whether you realize it or not) requires a finely tuned relationship with the body – the instrument of your manifestation.


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Elysia Hartzell

"Our private sessions have led to some huge, huge breakthroughs and her group programs have brought through some really deep and lasting transformations. I also leave it feeling good, energized, and a better person"

Stacy Ellis-Spain

"I’ve worked with Ondrea one on one and in group settings and every time I work with her I’m blown away at what comes through and how quickly and gracefully she helps me move through areas where I’m feeling stuck.

Dora Rodrigues

"The insights, meditations, mini workouts and doing it “in a group” made it so much better.  I discovered my healing modality... I got so much more than I had asked, minus 15 pounds later. Thank you so much Ondrea!

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Are you ready to accept that you are worthy and enough? 

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The Holistic Blueprint to Remembering 

In this book you will discover:

  • How not enough is showing up in your life
  • Why not enough is showing up in your life
  • Ways to transform your not enough to feeling empowered and worthy
  • How to utilize your mind, movement and food to support knowing that you are worthy and complete just as you are
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Theresa K., NY

"I met Ondrea at a time when my body was in jeopardy; my liver especially was in serious danger. We didn’t focus weight
loss, but on foods that could help heal my liver. After only three months I lost 20
lbs and my liver tests came back normal! Ondrea truly offers a miracle program if
you are ready for it. "

Julie M., Westchester

"I saw the cardiologist today and got good news. This time last year I had 4 small arteries in the lower chamber that were showing 30 percent blockage. Now after Ondrea's program there is only one small artery showing abnormalities. 75 percent improvement! YAHOO!

Nancy, Poughkeepsie, NY

"I have worked with Ondrea for 4 weeks and the body I came in with is not the body I have now. There has been a change on a DNA level, a deep level. One of the biggest things I have gained in working with her is the concept of myself has and still is undergoing change"