Hello, I'm Ondrea Lynn


I have helped thousands of women reach their personal health and wellness goals and improve their physical and nutritional health, as well as their emotional and spiritual well-being.


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 I know that in order for you to live your purpose, the greater plan God has for your life, you need to be secure, strong, and feel safe in your body. My passion is for you to have a close relationship with Jesus, accepting him into your heart, so you feel your worth by His Glory and Grace. Allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to move in all areas of your life: body, mind, soul.



As a young child I experienced quite a bit of trauma such as sexual assault, molestation, and divorced parents. I spent many years feeling deeply hurt searching for ways to fill the void I carried. This lead me into 30 years of the New Age/ Occult practices searching for solutions. When my entire life crumbled.... estranged son, thriving business crashed, and my husband left, I was totally broken.

This is when Jesus saved me!

The trauma and the void I felt all those years left instantly! Praise Jesus! Once I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, I turned my business over to Him and here I am today. 


I have had extensive experience in body-mind wellness, am a graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, affiliated with the Teachers College at Columbia University. Some of my additional certifications include, NASM fitness trainer, nutrition and behavior change specialist, transformational coach, self-sabotage coach.


I love spending time daily reading God's word, praying, and listening to Him. 


Barbara's Experience

"I Just completed Ondrea's Program and I wanted to share the amazing results with you....
I have lost 16lbs...I have more energy and less Body pain and discomfort.
 I feel more focused and I have more of an ability to process information less emotionally...more positive.
I feel blessed...something I haven't felt in many years. I feel lighter and calmer.
Before beginning the program I was struggling with depression and self-destructive behavior and it was showing itself in my life by excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, eating, lack of sleep, and irritability.
During the program I noticed my determination and motivation came back...my desire to be healthy was stronger. By the end of the program these three things changed…. My outlook on life, my relationships with people, my perspective on myself.
Having Ondrea’s support was critical and it brought me immense comfort.
I’ve never had such an experience in my life!" 

Terry G. 

"My goal for the 12 weeks program was not weight related. It was to form a relationship with Jesus and build an understanding of how to eat to nourish my body.
The 12 week program far exceeded my expectations. My relationship with Jesus has grown tremendously and I just can't get enough of him. I feel my heart glowing with his love. I nourish my body with healthy nutritious food. I no longer crave sweets. I tried eating cookies and they do not taste good to me. The INFLAMMATION that I had in my body is GONE. I have lost weight and dropped several clothes sizes. Faith, Fitness and Food really works for me. My journey has just begun.
Thank you Ondrea for your guidance and support during the past 12 weeks. I am forever grateful."


"A session with Ondrea is extremely positive and benefits you on all levels. I would recommend a session with Ondrea if you are experiencing grief, loss, physical or emotional pain, or stress of any kind!"